Hey, I’m Filippo Benozzi

I'm a developer, economic student and musician. I work as Front-End Developer, but also empowering my entrepreneurial and managing skills in my family fashion company while studying entrepreneurship at Ca'Foscari University.
Here's my spot where I share my open-source projects, thoughts and researches.

Latest posts

Are AML directives threatening crypto assets or the opposite?

May 25, 20215 min

The rise of the blockchain technology must provide an impetus to rethink the role and efficacy of the directives, and design them with a decentralized mind.



Welcome to my personal open-source space!

July 11, 20203 min

Hi, I’m Filippo Benozzi and this is my first post that explain why I developed a personal website and the technologies used.


Latest snippets and code tips


Booking System

A booking system platform developed for a childcare company based in UK, this is a personal developed project.

ACF Boilerplate

An open source project where you can start building you custom wordpress theme with ACF. It's also already set-up for using and compiling SASS and ES6.

Popup Message Notifier for CF7

Simple Wordpress plugin that show confirmation and error messages for CF7.

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