Welcome to my personal open-source space!

July 11, 2020 (4y ago)

One of my resolution of 2020 is to create a website where I can share my skills, projects and thoughts. I will also commit to write about things that I'm interested in, projects that I'm working or some researches manly about economy and business organizations.

I decided to create this space as a personal project. Furthermore, I wanted something easy to manage and update with my iPad Pro, and where I can write all the pages and posts using Markdown. Also, I wanted to use this project as a way to learn new technologies that can eventually help me with my work.

I was looking to build a static site, since anything else will be overkill to emulate or use with the iPad. Following some advice on the internet, I decided to give NextJS a try. It looks like an easy-to-use tool with a really simple command line interface, plus It’s made on top of React.

I combine NextJS with Tailwind CSS in order to make the graphic interface simple to manage and elegant. NextJS let me organize a website with few lines on the command line and open me the possibility to manage my content with some .mdx files (like .md files but with steroids).

I then uploaded all my source files on a repository on GitHub link with Vercel for CI. I found this setup fantastic. I will definitely write a blog post explaining how I set up all of this.

Besides the technical aspects, this website It's build around an open-source culture, that I deeply believe. All the source code of this website It's in a public repository on Github, you can look the source code and even edit it and submit a pull request! Each article that I write has a link in the bottom saying "Edit on GitHub" where you can edit it and suggest improvements.

The open-source culture is one of my deepest belief, and I think that with this we can build a good community that help each other.

I'm proud of the work that I've done but I'm sure that there are million smarter ways to do the same thing and to improve it. I already love this setup because It give me the flexibility that I wanted in the first place as I’m currently writing this post on my iPad Pro with Taio. If you have suggestions or do you want to know more about how I develop this, please feel free to write me an email at email@filippo.im.

Ciao, 👋