Weather Line hourly widget

Weather Line inspired widget made with Scriptable for iOS.

widget preview



Download the script

Download the script from here, and import into the Scriptable App.


Create Openweather account and get the API key

Create an Openweather account. Then from the API page, retrieve your API key.


Add the location parameter

Modify the first lines of the script with your location latitude and longitude, your location name that you can retrieve by searching here.

// Widget Params
// Don't edit this, those are default values for debugging (location for Cupertino).
// You need to give your locations parameters through the widget params, more info below.
const widgetParams = JSON.parse((
                  args.widgetParameter != null) ?
                  args.widgetParameter : '{ "LAT" : "45.5736" , "LON" : "12.1061" , "LOC_NAME" : "Scorzé" }')

// Dimension
// Widget size 
// If size_large = true the widget will be big otherwise small
const size_large = true;

// API KEY, you need an Open Weather API Key
// You can get one for free at: (account needed).
const API_KEY = "your_key_here"

Add the script to Scriptable

Add the modified script to your Scriptable app. You can choose the size of the widget when you add the Scriptable widget to your homescreen.

In order to use this script you need to have installed Scriptable for iOS.