Backup Ubuntu/Debian server using Duplicacy to Google Shared Drive

Backup of a computer system is very important as it can prevent you from data loss in case of system failure. Duplicacy is an open-source data backup tool that provides encrypted, digitally signed, and versioned local or remote backup of files.

I used Duplicacy everywhere (even on my Synology) for backup my data to a Google Team Drive as It's super easy to configure and super cheap (20$ first year purchase and 5$ for renew each year), also is fully configurable with Google Shared Team Drive and S3 compatible server (Minio in my case).

In this article, I will discuss how to install and use Duplicacy in Ubuntu/Debian and backup on a Google Shared Team Drive.

Features of Duplicacy

The key features of Duplicacy data backup software are:

  • Relatively easy to automate backup
  • Web interface for easy configuration
  • Encrypts and compresses your backups by default
  • Takes incremental backups
  • Allows incremental restoration from backups
  • Supports multiple different protocols
  • It can self-heal if a backup goes wrong
  • Supports a lot of destination as well as AWS S3 or compatible, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. (see here all the available destinations)

The full list of feature are available on their website here.

How to install Duplicacy Web on Ubuntu/Debian

Use the following command to download the latest version of the package (copy the link of the package from here based on your linux installation):

mkdir ~/duplicacy
wget -O ~/duplicacy/duplicacy [link from above]

Next give to your downloaded executable file the following permissions:

chmod +x ~/duplicacy/duplicacy

Now Duplicacy is ready to be used, follow the next step if you want to know how to run it as system service and access it from the web.

How to auto-run Duplicacy as a system service

Using these steps you will be able to run Duplicacy as a system service, and then access it from the web using the IP address of your machine.

First, run the following command to create the service in the right directory:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/duplicacy.service

Then past inside the following content, be sure to specify your local user and the directory where the Duplicacy executable is located (I used the root user for this tutorial, but I highly suggest you to change it):

Description=Duplicacy Backup



Then we need to be able to access Duplicacy from the internet, so we need to add the following pre-config file in our user directory:

mkdir ~/duplicacy-web
nano ~/.duplicacy-web/settings.json

Then paste the following content:

    "listening_address": ""

Then we can run the service using the following command:

sudo systemctl enable duplicacy
sudo systemctl start duplicacy

You should be able to reach you Duplicacy web interface using machine your IP address, followed by the port 3875.